Common Pressure Washer Machine Tests


Pressure washers or cleaners use powered water to make cleaning easier. The water is usually under high pressure to dislodge any kind of dirt. The pressure cleaner is connected to a hose which allows water to flow to any surface. There are many types of pressure washer machines in the market, all designed to perform the same job. They come in different models, so which is better than the other? Such cases need tests to make things clear. This post discusses pressure washer machine tests.

Pressure washer machine tests

Sellers or manufacturers hype specific machine models for reasons like making sales. But you seeing the equipment isn’t enough. Testing is necessary to assess the performance hence the best pressure cleaner. Experts focus on a wide range of brands for machines, mostly found in residential places. The two tests done are;

1. Checking the cleaning performance of the pressure washer machine

The cleaning performance is broken down into; types of nozzles used, water pressure per nozzle, time taken by each nozzle, and noise produced by each. Pressure cleaners come with attachments to aid in the cleaning. Nozzles are one of them and come in a variety of sizes. Each nozzle releases water with different pressure levels. The varying pressures cause differences in time between the nozzles. The nozzle with the smallest opening has the most pressurized water. This means that it cleans faster without considering the type of dirt. The pressure washer with the fastest cleaning nozzle is given the highest rank in terms of cleaning performance.

Other than time, the test measures the noise degree of each nozzle. Like pressure, noise varies between them. Some come off as being too loud, while others are less noisy. Those with low noise levels are best suited for home use. The cleaning performance test uses plain water in each pressure washer machine despite some having detergent compartments.

2. Checking how easy the pressure washer machine is to use

The main reason for buying a pressure cleaner is to make cleaning easy and manageable. There is no point in purchasing a device only for its use to prove complicated. You should operate it with no strain to enjoy its benefits. The ease of use test has two categories; how easy it is to maneuver and use the pressure washer. Maneuvering or mobility is important when washing different spaces. The possibility of this is dependent on the hose length, portability, and weight of the machine. A pressure washer unit with wheels is easy to push around, while those without should be lightweight for easy carrying. The handles should be sturdy and long enough to hold for a pressure washer to pass this test. Additionally, the tests measure the vibrations given off during the process. Like the noise, some vibrate more than others which can be uncomfortable.


The tests above are necessary to determine the performance of pressure washers. Experts conduct them every year in case any change is recorded. It is good to know how quickly the desired machine model cleans or its ease of use. It helps you decide to buy or not based on the facts provided.

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