Are Lash Beds Better or Lash Extension Chairs?


The attraction of your lash salon depends on the comfortability it offers. If you have just plunged into the professional field of lash art, you need some essentials. There is the venue, lash essentials, advertisements, etc. However, a lash bed is one significant thing that makes or breaks a lash salon.

You won’t find a client who is willing to exchange back pain for beautiful lashes. If you offer efficient services and comfortable lash beds, nothing can stop them from revisiting you.

In addition to lash beds, there are also lash extension or recliner chairs. But which one is the best for your salon? Here is a quick overview.

Lash Beds

The name is tempting, but knowing that a lash bed looks nothing like your home sleeping bed is essential. It appears more like a table with a padded top, or some look similar to a massage bed with metal legs. However, the top covering varies according to the model. Some have cloth-covered forms, while others are leather-cushioned.

Lash extension processes usually take 1 to 2 hours; therefore, you must ensure that these are of utmost comfort. Not all comfort is for the client. It would be best to consider your ease as well; choose a lash bed that blends with your height.

The viewing angle should be comfortable whether you sit or stand while servicing. When you have decided on the height, it is time to determine what width you want. As the clients lie on the lash bed (and have different body sizes), selecting versatile and comfy dimensions is vital.

Why Use Lash Beds?

Lash beds provide several benefits, which is why they are worth the expense.

  • Highly durable
  • Ensure the clients remain comfortable
  • Allow the artist to work easily
  • Plenty of room for placing tools
  • Portable
  • Give a luxury feel to the salon
  • Helps retain more clienteles
  • Budget-friendly

Lash Extension Chairs

Not all salons have extra space; in such cases, lash beds don’t make the ideal pick. Therefore, the market also offers an alternative called lash extension (recliner) chairs.

These chairs work magnificently for salons with tighter spaces. It is a fully padded chair with arm supports, footrests, and headrests. The back reclines reasonably for extra comfort. Additionally, they have adjustable heights, so there is no worry about buying fitting heights.

However, there are some considerations. For instance, most recliner chairs can bear up to 400 lbs, and the armrests or footrests may make them uncomfortable for pregnant women. So it is best to consider all possibilities.

Buying Considerations

  • Make sure that your lash extension chair or lash bed allows sanitizing. Lash beds and chairs with leather or water-resistant coverings are easier to sanitize.
  • Consider comfortability from your and the client’s end. Lash extension chairs are adjustable; however, most lash beds aren’t. Some models are flexible and foldable for portability but may not be that durable.
  • Next, factor in the maximum weight your lash beds or chairs can bear. Usually, lash beds with more robust bases can endure heavier clients. However, determining maximum capacity is essential if you buy a recliner chair or a foldable lash bed.

The Bottom Line

Lash beds are essential for the lash salons as they allow the artists to work efficiently. They are available in various heights and widths, so it is crucial to pick one that works comfortably for the artist and the client. Lash beds are relatively inexpensive, durable, and provide more surface space. But they need more setup room.

Recliner or lash extension chairs are a good substitute. They are adjustable and easy to sanitize, but they are incredibly pricey. So, if you are starting your lash salon, a lash bed is something that will deliver the needed comfort while respecting your budget.

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