6 Different Ways to Wear A Beanie


Beanie had been one of the oldest headwear with varied opinions among people, especially men. For some, it is the most excellent option to cover your ears in the winter or the easiest way to change your look. In contrast, others find it quite odd and don’t consider it a style statement.

If you have worn a beanie and didn’t find it suitable, it might be just how you are wearing it. Beanie had been a victim of lousy styling almost forever, taking all the blame.

Be it cheetah carhartt beanie, Canada goose arctic, or corridor NYC, it’s about time we figure out the right way to wear it and stop all the polarizing opinions.

Let me list down a few ways to wear beanies so that you might consider buying them next winter.

Some Ways to Wear A Beanie Everyday

The Usual

The standard method is the most practical way to ward off the cold. Wear the beanie over your ears without cuffing it. Keep the front above your eyebrows. It is a good option when you have a bad hair day and do not want the world to know. This style keeps your look effortlessly classy.

Single Cuff

These beanies have a roll at the bottom. All you have to do is roll the brim once, making a 1-2 inches cuff. Pull the beanie tight, resting just above your eyes and covering the top of your ears. You can avoid pulling it tightly if the beanie is small. Let the rear part stand straight on your head.

This is an exquisite style and helpful in cold weather due to the double layers covering your ear. The single cuff looks great with fur coats and trench coats.

Classic Hipster Look

It is a prevalent and trendy style to wear a hat. Roll the brim of your beanie twice and slide it at the top of your head. You can wear it from any side, i.e., forward or backward. Decide if you want your hair to be seen or not and adjust it accordingly.


Now, this is a great way to show off your fringes. The beanie is drooping at the back of your head. But it might help if you secure them with hair pins as the beanie might keep falling off.

This look is preferred when you are just accessorizing the beanie, and the weather is not cold.

To add a fun factor, go with the beanie that compliments your hair.

The Robin Hood

The Robin Hood hat was worn by a British outlaw named Robin Hood. He was a hero and his signature is still remembered and followed.

For this style, leave the beanie uncuffed at the front and then fold it at the back. This cuff should start at the ears.

Straight Up

This style is suitable only if it is not cold and you just want to look cool. Wear the beanie at the far top end of your head. It should be standing high up and well-rounded above your ears throughout the time you have it on your head.


Beanies are not just your go-to partner for winters but an easy way to make yourself look livelier and edgy. Beanies let you make a style statement without going out a mile. Just throwing it on your head gives a careless and dull look if the style doesn’t suit you or your dressing.

Mix and match your Beanies with your clothes. Go for colorful beanies to highlight your look more.

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